2021 Budget is the most inclusive: Minister Veke

THE 2021 Budget can be described as the most inclusive budget.

Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services, Hon. Veke’s highlighted this during his 2021 Appropriation Bill 2021 debate speech in Parliament this week.

The Police Minister said the inclusiveness of the budget should not be overlooked as it encourages the participation of the rural communities, Provincial governments and government Ministries and agencies.

He said the budget is visionary, inclusive and on course to grow Solomon Islands.

Minister Veke said he believes that growing this country is not about passing billions or trillions of dollar budgets.

“Growing this country is about making commitments, changing mindsets, changing attitudes, making contributions and having discipline,” he said.

Mr Veke said despite the 2021 budget cuts due to the impacts of the global pandemic, it encourages commitment, changing mindsets, attitudes, making contributions and encourages fiscal discipline.

“These are the qualities we desperately need at this time across all levels and sections of the society,” he said.

The Police Minister said the announcements by some Ministers during their budget speech contribution which highlighted programs such as ESP, DBSI, Support to SINU, Scholarships, Tina Hydro, Agriculture funding initiative through DBSI for farmers and others are testaments of the commitment the National Government has for the people of this country.

Minister Veke also stressed that it is time to work and no time for complacency or laziness.

He said the need to continue building better partnership to advance growth whilst also delivering effective and efficient services to our people is truly important now than before.

“The usual status quo of doing business needs to change if we are to succeed in these trying times,” he said.

Minister Veke said the standpoint undertaken by the government with its Redirection Policy is pragmatic towards the path to economic recovery.

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