3 arrested after huge kwaso bust in East Honiara

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force in Guadalcanal Province have raided three houses in the Lungga area east of Honiara and have arrested three suspects for illegal brewing of kwaso on 10 December 2019.

The raid came about after people from communities in the Lungga are informed police about kwaso brewing frequently happening in their communities causing disturbances.

The Guadalcanal Police Response Unit and the Honiara City Central Response Unit joined forces and raided three houses at about 3pm in Tuesday afternoon this week.

Operation Manager, Guadalcanal Police, Superintendent Edwin Sevoa says, “Upon receiving information from the community at Lungga, we joined forces and raided the three houses at the same location.”

 “Police have arrested three suspects whilst the other two are still at large pending arrests. The two who escaped are well identified and we are working closely with the communities in Lungga to arrest them.”

During the raid a good number of brewing apparatus were confiscated and safely stored as police exhibits. Those exhibits will be disposed at the orders of the Court.”

Superintendent Sevoa explains: “After the raid, police held a short talk with the people who were present at that time. Police told them that it is illegal to brew and sell kwaso. Anyone who is involved and are caught will be prosecuted before the court.”

“We told them that kwaso is an illegal substance. It causes many problems within the communities disturbing the normal livelihood of our people. I appeal our people to work together with the police in order to curb such illegal activities in our communities in order for us to live happy without any fear or threat,” says Superintendent Sevoa.  The three suspects will be appear in the Honiara Central Magistrates’ Court on 16 December 2019.


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