4 nurses sworn in, ready to serve at CSSI

Four Newly Recruit Nurses took their Oath or Affirmation on Enlistment at the Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) Headquarter, Rove on 1st April 2020.

CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi says, “I am pleased to inform you that in accordance with section 123 (2) of the Solomon Islands Constitution and Section 10 of the Correctional Services Act 2007. You are appointed as an officer in the Correctional Service Solomon Islands for a six (06) months probationary period with effect from your date of appointment. Your appointment is subject to the provisions of the Correctional Services Act and Regulation 2007 and the General Orders.”

He adds CSSI are having shortfalls of Nurses to perform normal duties within the Correctional Centres and given your appointment today is a priority and timely for our organization as well as the execution of COVID-19 preparedness, for the safety our officers and inmates when on entry to the Centres as for this regular COVID-19 health screening and other mechanisms.

“The Correctional Service Solomon Islands is a key component in the Government’s administration of criminal justice. CSSI is challenging organization which offers many learning and development opportunities and I welcome you to the service”, says Manelusi.

Commissioner Manelusi on behalf of his Executive, Commandants, Directors, Ranks and Files of CSSI congratulated the four officers for their appointment and working togetherness as we progress the future of CSSI.

The four newly recruit qualified nurses include, three (03) males and one (01) female.