40 new Correctional Officers graduate

On Friday 07 February, 40 new correctional officers graduated and will be joining the frontlines and shortly be assigned to centres and departments to undertake operational duties.

The graduation was held at the Redeemed Christian Church of God at Rove in Honiara and witnessed by several hundred family members, invited guests and officers of the Correctional Service of Solomon Islands (CSSI).

This was the first recruit group for 2019, known as ‘Mr Francis Haisoma Recruits 01/2019’. Out of the 40 graduating recruits, 32 are men and 8 are women.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Commissioner of Corrections, Gabriel Manelusi says, “It is a proud moment for me as Commissioner, and all of us, to witness these recruits graduating as they prepare themselves for duties as Correctional Officers.”

“These recruits have passed the academic phase of the recruit training, and now are graduating as Newly Entrant Correctional Officers (NECO) for the next 2 years probations. The recruits will shortly be assigned to centres and departments, initially undertaking operational duties.”

“Today you become correctional officers and we will share a common bond, one that many of you here have earned a bond that has allowed you to witness, observe, interact, train and test for a precarious profession. Your graduation today is more than a milestone in your career. It is an “open door” for many other possibilities and those same opportunities in your career are competitive and require an enormous amount of determination for fulfilling”, Commissioner Manelusi told the graduating recruits.

He adds, one of our common objectives is to educate the general public that the corrections profession is not just about “locking up people and throwing away the key.” Sooner or later inmates, detainees, and prisoners will be released into the society. As a profession we should prepare these individuals for their final release from correctional centres. This approach is more than reasonable. It has routinely been proven that newly released inmates with a workable plan for their mixture into our communities to save significant tax dollars.

Commissioner Manelusi reinforce to the graduates to do the right thing for the right reasons, in the best interest of our nation, organisation and the community you have sworn to protect.

Guest of Honour at the graduation ceremony, Minister of Police, National Security and Correctional Services, Hon. Anthony Veke congratulated the CSSI for taking the new recruits through the 16 weeks program.

Minister Veke says, today marks a momentous occasion for the 40 new recruits who are now part of the correctional service Solomon Islands, and it is indeed an honor for me as your Minister, to warmly welcome you into this disciplined and potent service.

“The task before you is not a stress free task, and the responsibility that is thrust unto you is given with much expectations. You will be tasked with a job that expects you to perform to a very high standard that your training depicts, and you are equally expected not to fail in your duties. It is important that you understand the gravity of your job, and the responsibility you hold to your society, as your failure to perform may have a surmount impact on the very security of our communities”.

“The Correctional Service is a disciplined force that is embedded on its set of regulation and rules of conducts. As new recruits, I expect nothing less but respect and obedience to your code of conduct. You are now member of an exclusive force in the Solomon Islands disciplined force, and your actions and behaviour in uniform should that of values and virtues of the Correctional Service of Solomon Islands”.

Hence, I urge you to wear your uniform with pride and respect what you stand to uphold and serve for the people of our beloved nation, God bless Solomon Islands from shore to shore, says Minister Veke.

Meanwhile CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi acknowledge and thank the Guest of Honor Hon.Minister MPNS&CS Hon. Anthony Veke and his Permanent Secretary Ms Karen Qalokale, RSIPF Commissioner (Acting) Mr Mostyn Mangau, Solomon Islands Justice Program Officials, Former Commissioner Mr Francis Haisoma, Pastor Joseph Olawala of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Recruits Parents & family members, distinguished guest, Ranks & Files of CSSI.

“I thank you all to come and join CSSI families to witness our graduation ceremony today, without your support, commitment, dedication and team work we cannot reach this far. Thank you and God bless CSSI and God bless Solomon Islands”

The new 40 correctional officers will now join the CSSI on probation and posted at Rove Central Correctional Centre before being confirmed as Correctional Officers after two years.

The first Corrections Recruitment for 2020 will start their training next month.


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