$6 million injected into Marovo fishery project

Member of Parliament for Marovo Constituency Chachabule Amoi has injected a total of $6 million into his constituency fishery project which was launched just recently at Dokudola in the Western Province.

The funding comes from the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) facilitated by the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD).

The fishery project did not just pop up out of the blue but was born out of sheer hard work and commitment of his Constituency Office and the pool of experts they set up to assist their Honourable MP.

Hon. Chachabule on Monday night spoke to the 160-project recipient and warned them to look after these livelihood assets.

“160 boats, 160 OBMs, and 160 eskies are worth around $6 million dollars and I expect you to look after them and use them for their intended purposes.

“I know our past leaders also supported you with boats and OBM engines but some of you sold it, I don’t want to see it happen again under my leadership.

“You cried for these fishery assets and now that your government gave you this equipment through the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) you must take care of it,” Hon Chachabule told the recipients.

In terms of cost, it is estimated that a set that includes a boat, OBM engine, and 200-liter esky costs around $40,000.

The Ministry of Rural Development Officials under the Rural Development Division also accompanied Hon. Chachabule to facilitate the signing of the Project Beneficiary Agreement for the Constituency Development Fund Program.

The agreement was signed between the Marovo Constituency and the Beneficiary(s) for the implementation of the Fishery Project funded under the Rural Development Program.

The agreement has four (4) articles which are:

  1. Scope and Objection
  2. Main roles and responsibilities of the parties
  3. The obligation of the Ministry of Rural Development
  4. Obligations of the Project Beneficiary(s)

Hon. Chachabule stated that with this agreement the project beneficiary(s) will be held accountable and dealt with accordingly. 

“Marovo Constituency Office will closely monitor this project as well as MRD for accountability and transparency purposes,” he added.

MRD will also do its monitoring and evaluation after one year of project implementation.

Meanwhile, RDD Director Milfred Delemani told the recipients that MRD is fully committed to see that all rural Solomon Islanders meaningfully participate in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihoods.