6 officers of CSSI suspended

The Commissioner of Correctional Service of Solomon Island (CSSI) Mr Gabriel Manelusi today 24/12/2019 issued a letter of  interdiction to three Senior officers, 2 Supervisors and a Correctional Officer in regard to negligence of CSSI procedures and protocols that prompting three inmates to escape late last Sunday evening.

The decision has come after a week of investigation conducted by RSIPF Professional Standards Internal Investigation (PSII) and CSSI Professional Standard Unit (PSU) into the allege breach of CSSI security protocols, a clear breaches of gross negligence on CSSI procedures.

I am feel very confident and assure the general public how the joint investigation team are professionally conducted.

I appeal to the general public that if you may have any information to support the investigation then you may come forward or contact my Professional Standard unit on office phone 24018

Manelusi said that I interdicted them accordance to the power Commissioner have under Section 6 (2) (a) and 24 (1) (2) (a) of the Correctional Service ACT 2007 and Section 40 and 41 of the CSSI regulation 2008, pending the outcome of any criminal charges or any disciplinary process under the CSSI Act & Regulation 2007/2008.

Manelusi added that, “Officers must also aware the Correctional Act and CSSI Regulation provides that suspended CSSI officers shall remain subject to all provision of the Act, Regulation, Code of Conduct, Discipline and penalties and the same authority and disciplines as if not suspended except powers vested in you as CSSI Officer shall be in in abeyance during the period, unless the Commissioner orders otherwise.


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