7 points against SINU VC

By Solomon Suke

Dear Editor,

Grateful if you can publish this in your publications, including your online mediums.

SINU has now had its share of drama not even a month after USP. So much has been alleged against the VC by the staff unions of SINU and vice versa. SINU needs a full overhaul. All corrupt staff who are milking our national institution, including the VC must be accountable to their deeds. All the corruption must surface. All that are corrupt must go.

Therefore, let the mud slinging begin. The following are seven more points against the Vice Chancellor of our national university.

  1. The VC could be a good boss but not a good leader. It was reported that he is a chronic micro-manager. He is disrespectful to staff that are subjected to him. Few months after he started with SINU, he ordered all his staff at the Vice Chancellor’s office to clean a drain. because they did not do things according to how he wanted it. He ‘orders’ and ‘demands’ staff and always plays the ‘blaming’ game when things do not happen as planned. When he is at fault, he is too egoistic to admit it.  Those are not only bad leadership characters, but also very poor team building attitudes.
  1. Staff who stand up to the VC will definitely find themselves on the sidewalk. Complaints gathered from staff of SINU confirmed this. It is a well-known fact to all SINU staff that if one stands up to the VC to any of his alleged wrongdoings, they will definitely be axed or reshuffled to a lower rank. The recent reshuffling of the former Director of Finance to Chief Procurement Officer, and later to his demise is one of the many examples of this somewhat unethical act.
  1. The VC usually bulldozes his way into passing agendas of his personal interest at the SINU senior management meetings. It is reported that most members of the senior management committee (SMC), and even the Senate, do not have the spine to vote against his forced agenda – agendas that would implicate that of his own interests.The SMC is basically a rubber stamp for the VC.
  1. The procurement policies and processes have been adjusted to benefit cronies of the VC in the name of ‘quality and affordable’ purchases. It is reported that those changes are done in the pretext of ‘saving the university millions of dollars’, but at the same time giving business to his Fiji-based cronies. Possibly, some of the approved preferred suppliers of the university could be his cronies.
  1. The VC’s Office  is the highest office of the university. However, this does not mean they will have to take over core functions performed by essential administrative departments of the university. This unfortunately is not the case. It is reported that the HR and Finance Departments lately are just mere ‘rubber stamps’ that do not perform their duties under the responsibilities accorded to them. Some of their core functions are now handled by the VC’s Office. An insider reveals that the VC’s Office currently employs a number of in-experienced staff as executive assistants that are ‘minions’ for the VC. Some of them are directly involved in decisions that are causing the rift between the VC and some staff and students of the university.
  1. An interesting revelation is that the VC has his own local cronies who support him for the sake of their job security at SINU. Some of them are corrupt staff who sided with him in order to gain his favor. A senior officer who is a crony of the VC procured building materials from Fantastic Shopping Hardware under SINU and later resells it to another colleague SINU staff. The SINU staff reported the act after knowing later that these building materials were invoiced to SINU. A fully investigated report with all the evidence was already presented to the VC. To date, VC is yet to recommend any action to HR. Meanwhile, a similar case (see point 2) that surfaced many months after this case has already been dealt with.
  2. The VC has had his hand in the drafting of the SINU Act. It was reported that he confessed this in a SINU retreat last year at the Ginger Beach Retreat. This comes as a surprise to many staff, that there could be a possible conflict of interest in the penning of an Act of Parliament. One can only wonder why the SINU Act of 2012 has given so much power at the VC’s disposal. With great power, comes great responsibility – sadly this  power has been greatly abused.

To conclude, SINU is our university, and should be the pride of our nation. We need to make sure all forms of corruption ceases. All members of the university who practice corruption must never remain – local or expat staff, janitor or VC, if you are corrupt, please leave SINU.