8 More Wheel Chairs for NRH; 6 for Diabetes and 2 for Oncology Day Care Centres

Wheelchairs though often seen simply as a means to move a person with walking difficulties, its absence or limited availability in hospitals can cause a real nightmare for patients and health care workers. Many times, these wheel chairs do contribute significantly in saving a patient’s life.

Yesterday (18th July) the National Referral Hospital (NRH) was tremendously grateful to officially received eight new wheel chairs provided by “Heart to Give”, an initiative set up by former Miss Solomon Gladys Habu, to draw community assistance focused at addressing little but essentially needs of the less fortunate in society. It is a step towards broadening the NRH Cancer Trust platform to create an even great avenue to encourage more people to have the heart to give back to community.

In her brief remarks during the handover, Ms Habu explained that after her reign as Miss Solomon she wanted to continue her advocacy and community work, including supporting the hospital.

“When Heart to Give received a request from the Diabetes care centre to seek help for the purchase of wheelchairs, I reached out to networks of friends and businesses, and the response was overwhelming. With this I’d like to thank Coral Sea Resort and Casino, Solomon Power, Hyperchem Pharmacy, Honiara Dispensary and many other individuals including Jason Lee of Solomon Sheet Steel for the positive response that has enabled the purchase of the eight wheel chairs, six of which will be for the diabetes clinic and two for Oncology unit”, said Ms Habu.

Mr Ronald O’Grady, General Manager of Coral Sea Casino, in his remarks thanked Heart to Give for reaching out to them. “We have a long history of supporting social activities such as sports however our main priority has always been with health as this is one of the areas where we all share common interest and more importantly benefits every single one of us thus we are happy indeed to provide the support”.

Mr Droumand Rupert, Solomon Power Acting GM Corporate Services similarly acknowledged Heart to Give for reaching out to them. “This will actually be the first time that Solomon Power is providing such support towards the NRH under our Corporate Social Responsibility. Thus, when we received the request we were truly excited to help and where we are able, we will continue to support our national referral hospital”, stated Mr Rupert.

Hyperchem Pharmacy/Honiara Dispensary Manager: Mr. Ken Woollett was also given the opportunity to deliver few remarks where he highlighted that wheel chairs make tremendous difference in people’s lives especially patients of the two centres Diabetes and Oncology at NRH. “We are also very pleased to provide the support, thank you Ms Habu for making contact with us in this regard”.

Dr Rooney Jagilly, Acting Medical Superintendent of NRH and Head of Surgical Ward thanked Heart to Give for mobilizing support for the procurement of the wheel chairs and acknowledged the positive response from all the donors.

“Your support will greatly enable ease of movement for our patients as well as effective and efficient discharge of duties by our health care workers. Wheel chairs are of high demand in the hospital and the management is aware of it thus work on procuring more wheel chairs is underway”,

“Nevertheless, the economic situation brought by COVID-19 and the need to fulfil all procurement requirements of the hospital and the Ministry at times makes it difficult to bring these important items to the hospital in time. So thank you so much for coming forward to help us out in this regard”, highlighted Dr Jagilly.

Both head of the Diabetes and Oncology centres also expressed their thanks to Heart to Give and its networks for their positive response. Both highlighted that the wheel chairs handed over are truly a blessing for their staff and patients.

Coincidently, the handing over of the wheel chairs on July 18 also marked the birthday of Gladys Habu which saw attendees at the handing over wishing her happy birthday and successful career and life into the future.

Adding to the excitement of the occasion was the distribution of Solomon Power visibility goodies which includes Solomon Power pens, calendars and specially designed cups that only shows Solomon Power logo when filled with hot water.

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