83 trained on vegetable gardening

A total of 83 people has undertook a one-day demonstration training on basic vegetable gardening in Honiara on 4th September 2020.

Officers from the Extension Department within the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) facilitated the training for participants who are recipients of the Covid-19 seedling distribution under the Covid-19 Livelihood Sector Program.

The focused was mainly on soil mixing, seed sowing, pricking and transplanting.

Conducted at three designated zones in Honiara City – West Honiara (Tinge Ridge), Central Honiara (Mbokonavera 2) and East Honiara (Gilbert Camp), the training was intended to:

  • Improve participants knowledge and skills on vegetable gardening at home
  • Increase participants backyard garden with variety of vegetables
  • Improve nursery, pricking and transplanting stages
  • Know the importance of Food Security – having access to fresh vegetables at all times at homes
  • Prepare themselves (participants) in terms of livelihood in case of a lockdown amidst the CORVID19 pandemic.

Director of the Extension Department, MAL Andrew Melanolu while commending his officers for the successful exercise (training) said sharing the right information to people with knowledge and skills to improve their vegetable gardening is critical.

Mr. Menanolu said he believes from the training participants will be able to manage and improve their backyard gardening to subsidize food cost.

“The training was a success.”

The training also offered an opportunity for participants to interact and share together on vegetable gardening through question and open discussion and at the same time enable them to learn about the importance of nursery management up to transplanting and the importance of improving soil for vegetable gardening.

Australian Government (DFAT) in partnership with UNDP supported the program and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock as a preparedness strategy incline to the Covid-19 strategy plan.

83 trained on vegetable gardening
Transplanting of vegetable seedlings onto a raised nursery bed.