A 27-year-old female charge for common nuisance in Honiara


A 27-year-old female was arrested and charged by White River Police for common nuisance at laundry valley in West Honiara on 7 November 2021.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Honiara City Superintendent Jimson Robo says, “The female accused has been playing loud music causing disturbance to nearby houses and was approached by two officers asking her to turn the music low or stop the music but she refused.”

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PPC Robo says, “White River Police patrol arrived and apprehended the female suspect to Central Police Station and was later dealt with and charged with common nuisance Contrary to Section 172 of the Penal code.”

The defendant was taken to the Honiara Central Magistrates’ Court, was found guilty. She was sentenced for the fine of $ 300.00SBD on 8 November 2021.

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PPC Robo adds, “When you have been approached by police officers, take that seriously as a warning and learn to comply or else you will be accountable for your own decisions. Police are there to guide, protect its citizens, and should be respected.”