A summary & sequence of events regarding case in Malaita Province

  • Health authorities have picked one positive COVID-19 case on 26 January 2020 from a routine follow-up test on a previously discharged student, 62 days after he was released from the quarantine station.
  • The student has been readmitted to the Field hospital the same day and has tested NEGATIVE on both the GeneXpert and qPCR machines.
  • A field team had been deployed to the student’s village in Malaita. Contact tracing had been completed in the village and swabs were collected in more than 30 individuals for analysis at the Molecular lab in Honiara.
  • A high-level team from the Molecular lab is in Kiluufi hospital today (Friday) to install the GeneXpert machine to enable Kiluufi hospital to undertake COVID-19 tests in the hospital.
  • Based on feedback from the student, and the people the field team spoke to during the contact tracing, it is the view that the risk of a COVID-19 community transmission is still low.
  • Authorities will await the results of the swabs collected at the student’s village before making further assessment and announcements on the risk level and what additional actions might need to be taken.
  • The Ministry of Health is confident that the first positive GeneXpert result is showing remnants of COVID-19 fragments and not actually live COVD-19 virus. This means that it will not be infective and can not therefore infect other people.


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