Additional help to reduce CoVid transmission acknowledged

The Minister of Health and Medical Services, Dr. Culwick Togamana on Tuesday has conveyed sincere appreciation to both International Agencies and Local Companies for their generous support to the Government as the battle to reduce covid transmission in Honiara intensifies.

This week, the World Bank provided financial support to the Government through the Health Ministry’s Project Management Unit (PMU) that enabled urgent procurement of essential operational equipment, food rations and supplies.

Over the weekend, the Government of Australia responded with emergency operational equipment, food and office supplies.

Locally, the Lee Shipping Agency, Szetu Enterprises, Pacific Casino and Fangs Corporation provided food and water supplies.

Leading Telecommunication Company, OUR Telekom also boosted the operations communication services with SMS messaging and additional emergency phone lines while the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) offered two Buses to support the transportation needs of health teams.

Minister Togamana said the help from these organizations was critical as the Government services are currently overstretched.


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