Agro-Forestry re-forestation project to be managed by youths needs support

A letter of mine, which I had styled ‘Youth aspirations in relation to national development.’ was published recently on Linkedin and on Facebook and may have been the reason for a community leader from Malaita writing, today, telling me he and his whole community, including men, women and youths, had cleared 5 hectares of bush in a logged area to become a reforestation project to be managed by youths.

It was explained over 2 thousand mahogany trees had already been planted and it was hoping to plant noni, ginger, kava, and corn between the trees as cash crops.

The whole project will be an agro-forestry project and supported by more than 20 local youths from Dala, south of west Kwara’are, all of whom are said to be still engaged in further bush clearance at the site.

My correspondent said help is sought to be able to plant more mahogany trees and Eucalyptus plants.

Also, as clearing work will necessitate two chainsaws and fuel to operate them, a generous offer of aid in kind or finance support to progress the project will be much appreciated.

Perhaps, the owner of a private tree nursery in the Solomon Islands, or one operated by the Solomon Islands government, or an external organization or donor interested in helping the re-forestation project take off in the interests of agro-forestry conservation and youth support, could kindly write to me via the link on my website, or contact Mr. Casper Fa’asala ([email protected])

Yours sincerely
Frank Short


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