Aola community impress with new police station

The Royal SolomAon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) now has a new Police Station after the old police post was burned down in 2020 due to electrical fault.

The new Police Station is located in the north east of Guadalcanal Province funded by the Solomon Islands Development program (SIPDP).

Officers from the Police Infrastructure Department (PID), Director Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) Mr Philip Baura and SIPDP Infrastructure and logistics Advisor Steve Malam attended to a ceremony that was organised by the Aola communities and the contractors to show their appreciation for the newly build Police Station gifted by SIPDP to RSIPF for the communities and people of Aola on 14 August 2021.

Community Chief Mr Job Geseni says, “I want to thank the SIPDP for funding this project by rebuilding this Police Station for communities in Aola. Communities in Aola were very pleased to have what is more important to them and what was long waited for to be finally there to protect them.”

Speaking during the program, SIPDP Advisor Steve Malam says, “I want to thank the Bako constructions for their commitment that leads to the completion of the building and thank you to the MID for the designed plan for this Police Station. The official handing over of this building to the RSIPF will be done later. But I am happy with the well done job.”

Aola communities’ representative Seraldo Ngelea says, “We are proud to have this Police Station built in our community. This will allow members of the communities’ to access the RSIPF services in the community. We will work together with the police officers to look after our Police Station and look forward to seeing more police officers working in our community.”

Building contractor Mr Bako Dua says during his speech at the ceremony, that he acknowledged the hard work and commitment put in by communities to assist his contractors from the beginning to the completion of the police station. Well done for us all and we completed the building.


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