Appreciation note from students’ towards frontliners, Oversight Committee, SDA Dorcas and the public

After spending 41 days in the Quarantine Stations, a group of returning student from the Philippines took a moment to send an appreciation note thanking all frontline agencies and individuals involved in the operations.

As they are about to leave the compound with a pure sense of relief, they wrote: 

“From all of us at Vimo Apartment, let us take this moment as a group to thank some special group of people who work tirelessly for our safety and the safety of our communities. We hail respect and honor to our Government. Thank you for the humbling decision of repatriating us and our students whom are yet to come. We thank the hard working Oversight Committee for the many hard decisions you have to face each day because of us. We held high regard to you all and are proud of you for keeping us safe and most importantly our entire nation. We must thank our courageous front liners, our beautiful and handsome nurses, our energetic police officers and securities and those who provided and prepared our meals each day. We would like to mention the Kukum SDA Dorcas ladies for fruits and healthy vegetables. Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts. On the same line, let us mention our favorite camp leaders at Chengs and Vimo Apartment Mr Charles Macleen and Ms Larry Lulumani, we love you both so much. With you we find hope, with you we find care, trust and courage. With you we are able to endure our required weeks of quarantine. If there is someone who is to be a hero in this time it would be you. You deserve our respect and love. We held high your selfless dedication to be with us all throughout. We thank you so very much and we love you. We thank the owners of these facilities, your families and workers. For the many people, families and friends who have helped us in so many ways, for prayers, encouragements, top- ups and others, maraming salamat po saynio lahat. 

With that we must apologize for the many misunderstandings we have put between all of us because of the different experiences we have been through. We are weak and are so humanly young to have gone through this experience. We are frustrated and have been isolated for so long and almost at the point of depression. The many negative energies we endured this year is just beyond what we can handle. Please forgive us for our many weaknesses. For us, we love you all and are looking forward to working together with you to move our country forward. Let us continue to fight together with the right spirit.

Let us give thanks, glory and honor to our God who is always with us all through. The challenges we face together with its negatives energies has nothing to compare with the Love of our God for us all. Amidst all these, we must confess that the hand of God is always there upon us and we did not regret anything because what did not kill us makes us stronger. All Glory and Praise to our God. We continue to seek His wisdom and guidance in this hard times. With that from the deepest bottom of our hearts we thank you all so very much. God Bless our Government, our people and our land. Maraming salamat po.”

These note was also shared online by frontliners. 

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in his nationwide address today also acknowledge the front-liners and their families. 

“They are our heroes in our fight against COVID-19. Their commitment and sacrifices had allowed us to enjoy our freedom despite our having recorded COVID-19 in our country.

Appreciation note from students’ towards frontliners, Oversight Committee, SDA Dorcas and the public
Government response teams manning Quarantine Stations comprised of Camp Management, RSIPF, Isolation, Swabbing & Monitoring teams, Waste & Warehouse Management.

Our front-liners have and continue to work tirelessly to ensure we prevent community transmission and contain the virus within the quarantine stations and isolation wards.

“Thank you, to our dedicated front-liners and your families – this nation and her people deeply appreciate your service. 

A total of 18 student including one (1) St. John Ambulance driver have been released last week to rejoin their families after they were cleared by the medical team.

To date, the country recorded a total of 16 cases. Only 11 are still active cases from those arriving on the recent Auckland flight including one from the Philippines returning student.   

Altogether, those serving quarantine now stands at 143. 

Government remains committed to implementing appropriate and strict measures to prevent the further importation and spread of COVID-19 into our communities.

Appreciation note from students’ towards frontliners, Oversight Committee, SDA Dorcas and the public
Frontliners being monitored: As part of the health standard operating procedures all must undergo swab tests.