Around 300 non- health COVID-19 frontline workers in Honiara sensitized on COVID-19 vaccine this week


The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) in its COVID-19 vaccine awareness roll out this week have reached around 300 non- health COVID-19 frontline workers.
The awareness was carried out specifically for the non-health frontline workers following completion of vaccine awareness to over a hundred and fifty health workers in the previous week.

Frontline workers were provided with information on COVID-19 vaccines, especially the AstraZeneca vaccine with regards to its development, approval by WHO for emergency use, safety and efficacy, its administration, roll out and on site monitoring as the case with administration of other vaccines.
Government ministries and state-owned enterprises who attended and participated in the vaccine awareness include Immigration, Customs, Solomon Ports and Airlines, police and correctional services as well as staff of hotels currently providing quarantine services to the government.
The awareness was facilitated by the COVID-19 vaccine Technical Working Group (TWG) comprising of Immunization and health experts within the Ministry of Health and Services, UNICEF and WHO in collaboration with the National Health Promotion Officers of MHMS.

COVID-19 vaccine awareness for Solomon Ports (Honiara)/ Customs COVID-19 frontline workers

Chair of the TWG Dr Divinal Ogaoga explained the importance of vaccinating the COVID-19 operation frontline workers.
“Front-liners are our first line of defense because they are the ones responsible to assess and clear, transport and monitor all incoming travelers, including managing and caring for those who arrive in country and tested positive for COVID-19. As such, they are more at risk of contracting COVID-19 than any other citizens”.

First group of RSIPF COVID-19 operation frontline officers to undergo COVID-19 vaccine awareness program. Photo taken during questions and answer session.

“Therefore by giving priority to frontline workers to receive the vaccine we are not only protecting the frontline workers themselves but also enhancing the protection of the entire country against COVID-19. Further-more front-liners perform a critical role in the overall efforts of the country against COVID-19 thus the vaccine will prevent them from hospitalization or death due to COVID-19”.

Dr Yogesh Choudhri MHMS Advisor taking questions on the vaccine from Correctional Service Officers during the COVID-19 awareness this week.

He described this week’s awareness as exciting with the level of interest displayed by the front-liners regarding the vaccine as well as indications by a good number that once their turn come they will come forward to receive the vaccine.
Health will continue to roll out its vaccine awareness next week.

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