Bakery & Tailor Facility in Rove Corrections officially commissioned

Bakery & Tailor Facility in Rove Corrections officially commissioned.
The Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) today marks a history and a new chapter in Rehabilitation developments at Rove Central Correctional Centre (RCCC).

The RCCC Bakery and Tailor Facility has officially commissioned by the Vicar General of Central Melanesia Right Revd. Bishop Alfred Hou.

Speaking during the official program, the Guest of honour, Honourable Minister of Police National Security and Correctional Service, Hon. Anthony Veke says, I am delightful and honoured to be here this morning to witness, and most of all to be part of this very special and historic ceremony.

“The occasion is special, not only because of the location and the function of this solitary place, but because it signifies new beginnings, new skills and knowledge, new perspectives, new hopes and dreams and a new future”.

“We stand here to witness the end product of a journey spanning five years of determination, hard work, team effort, meaningful partnerships and collaborations. For this, I pay tribute to the previous commissioner of CSSI Mr Haisoma for his leadership in initiating the project and more so to the current Commissioner Mr Gabriel Manelusi and your hard working officers for carrying the project into completion”.

“The completion of this bakery and tailoring facility is the first for a line of major infrastructure projects under the Rehabilitation and Reintegration Policy of the Solomon Islands Government”.

“The successful completion of these projects gives me hope and confidence that my Ministry can deliver on Government Policies given the resources and the time. The Rehabilitation and Reintegration programs have continued to be featured in the government policy and we look forward to see more government policy achievements under CSSI and the Ministry as a whole”, says Minister Veke

“CSSI is also developing into entrepreneurship and self-reliance. The bakery and tailor will help the agency to save on inmate’s food and clothing items. Likewise, there is also a potential for CSSI to earn additional revenue from the projects which in turn will be used to further support and strengthen the existing programs. So it is a win-win situation for CSSI inmates and the Solomon Islands Government”

“I conclude on this historic occasion and may I wish the Commissioner, your officers and the inmates a happy and successful endeavour in rehabilitation, reintegration and capacity building for the successful future and those supporting CSSI one way or the other, may God bless your efforts and give you good health” says Minister Veke.

Meanwhile CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi says, today we recognise the common values and achievement together with our key partners, who you are here witnessing the commissioning and we acknowledge and thank God for his continuous blessing to our nation Solomon Islands.
He adds, we are gathered here to mark a day of significant importance to the CSSI in terms of Rehabilitation and Reintegration activity, that All prisoners shall be treated with the respect due to their inherent dignity and value as human beings, states the first of the basic principal of the Nelson Mandela Rule (The United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the treatment of Prisoners) this is to contribute to a more lawful and peaceful society, especially by up skilling our prisoners for self-reliance when they completed their term and release to our communities.
Commissioner Manelusi optimistically acknowledge the Solomon Islands National Government for fully funding this project to its completion as witnessed and a total value of SBD 2.8 million.
CSSI Commissioner finally acknowledge and thank the Guest of Honour Hon Minister Anthony Veke, Permanent Secretary Ms Karen and Staffs from MPNS&CS, Reps from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Reps from the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination, Reps from DFAT, Reps from Solomon Islands Justice Program, Vicar General of Central Melanesia, Prison Chaplain, Solomon Islands Tropical Product, Daily Bread Company, Small Brow Contractor, CSSI Programs & Industry Advisor, CSSI Executives, Directors, RCCC Commandant & Management, Ranks and Files for the mutual support and effective collaborations. God bless Solomon Islands.