Bring it on Mama – Sake of Prosperity

Dear Editor,
Malaita Province and perhaps all other provinces, Township rundown, poor planning, filthy, very poor offices and residential building in ruin, un-plan road network with potholes with no tarseal, road dusty, Hospital overcrowded in deteriorated conditions, lack of medicine, mattress & bed covers too old, metal unit as mental as anything, all clinics have rundown, no drugs or medicine, Power or electricity unreliable, Secondary/Community High School overcrowded and un-planned, poor accommodation and classrooms not a conducive learning environment, no tables and chairs, school materials/text books very poor, shops front ugly, full of stains, dusty, unwanted writings all over, pipe water contaminated and unreliable,
Malaita main roads, Auki to North road, East road to Atori/Manu, South road to Hauhui, Waisisi to Raoha, Rohinari to Maka, Small Malaita road, the same applies to all Provincial infrastructures, all in poor and deteriorated conditions, un-usable and for some, none in existence, no tarseal with no permanent bridges and proper drainage, all provincial school facilities, classrooms and dormitories, very poor, rundown and in deteriorated conditions, no electricity or proper solar system, no proper wharf and lacks proper water supplies and no proper toilets or sanitation facilities. Villages poorly planned, no decent homes or permanent accommodations, no soccer fields or playing ground
No major economic development, no fisheries facilities, no markets for agriculture, livestock and fisheries products, no hotel and proper accommodation for tourism in the province, no proper shipping and facilities, unemployment on the increase, no paid work opportunities, can’t afford to pay school fees, Medicare, the list goes on,
The same cries coming from all eight (8) other provinces, Makira, Isabel, Choiseul, Western, Temotu, Renbel, Guadalcanal, Central and Honiara who are experiencing the same and are asking the same question “when shall we see prosperity and feel the real impact of the much talked about economic development” when shall we see changes? The real physical changes,
However, the real physical changes can only be possible and achieved if we have enough finances at our disposal to implement our development aspirations and needs. So where are all aid donors money gone to? the likes of WORLD BANK, ADB, UNDP, AUSAID, NZAID, EUROPEAN UNION FUND, BRITISH AID, JICA, USAID, the so called traditional partners, where have they invested these Millions of dollars? where have we dumped these Aid money? Are these Aid funds sufficient enough to address the country’s socio-economic needs as highlighted above? So, what next? Continue with this piecemeal type of assistance? If these traditional friends Aid money are not adequate to absorb all our infrastructure and economic needs of the whole country, So why can’t we allow Sogavare government through his Minster of Finance, together with all his economists and debt Management advisors to seriously scrutinize, analyse and conceptualize the USD100 Billion dollars loan and perhaps come up with a workable formula or strategy/concept that is feasible, viable and achievable.
They have yet to show us their analytical assessment of the USD100 billion dollars loan, but we started barking as something is crossly wrong, but sometimes a dog barks because it is hungry therefore it needs something to eat, so are we not hungry for better road infrastructures, tar sealed, better Universities, better colleges, better schools, better hospitals, clinics, village aid post, better homes, better power systems, better water supplies and sanitations, better wharfs and bridges, better ships, better investments, more crops/food production, more export, more job opportunities, better pay? The list goes on and on.
Folks we are now in the twenty first century, the world is changing and we must move on and in search for a better way forward there should be a way out, so why not bring it on USD100 Billion after all it offers the lowest interest rate ever and over our normal traditional lenders, and if it can revolutionise our country’s development aspirations and fulfil our needs, so what, let’s give them (Government) a try, after all I don’t think whoever is lending the money will ever sell our country Solomon Islands.