Cable system will boost our development goals: PM

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare said the Government is pursuing major national development projects in the country.

Speaking during the launching of the Taro Cable Station on Monday 4 February, Prime Minister Sogavare said the DCGA Government is pursuing exciting developments in the sectors of agriculture, tourism, fisheries, forestry, mining, infrastructure and trade.

He said these major projects once implemented would complement the economic and social benefits of the undersea cable.

“The faster internet provided by the undersea cable is significant for Solomon Islands and will complement our development aspirations,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the role of the Communication Infrastructure Investment in developing our economy is undisputed.

He said in first world countries, advanced communication networks constitute a vital infrastructure for innovative ecosystems and support economic growth.

Prime Minister Sogavare said broadband networks also increase the impact and efficiency of public and private investments, which depend on high-speed communications.

“It brings faster and reliable internet, provide faster transmission of data for the purpose of doing business, and allows the economy to function properly,” he said.

“National economies and businesses requires high-speed internet to support its services and support overall economic output.”

The Prime Minister said the DCGA Government foresee that the undersea cable would open up new opportunities in business and commerce that will directly impact our rural economy.

“With faster and better internet communication, our people can effortlessly communicate with businesses and relatives around the country or around the world at anytime from anywhere in the world,” he said.

The Prime Minister said this is but the first step taken by the Government to see improvement of services to the rural areas.

“With this undersea cable now connecting Choiseul, we hope that not very long we will see more services improve in Choiseul as a result of faster and better internet connectivity,” he said.


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