Call to respect quarantine

A concern citizen has called on those who have been under isolation to respect the quarantine health authorities imposed on them.

A long-time resident of Honiara Jacob Mena said the Honiara community is now at high risk and it is important those who have been under home quarantine for the deadly Coronavirus (CVID-19) must adhere to health advices.

He says failing to follow health instructions will put the whole country at health jeopardy.  

However, he fears that those under quarantine perhaps are not remaining in their homes.

Mr. Mena suggests it would be good if the Public Health’s Act could be invoked to permit other relevant authorities like Police to deploy personnel to isolation sites to monitor those quarantined. “In this way I think, it will limit movement of those quarantined.”

He then thank the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) for their efforts and alertness and preparedness to monitor the CVID-19 circumstances.

Solomon Islands has not yet recorded any confirmed Coronavirus (CVID-19) cases as of to date but a total of 16 people are quarantined by health authorities according to Health (MHMS) Minister Dickson Mua.

Minister Mua says this week that those quarantined are not suspect but their travel history shows they have travelled through CVID-19 affected countries and transiting in Brisbane.

Amongst the 16 quarantined persons, one is a Member of Parliament (MP) who just returned from a meeting overseas.

World Health Organisation (WHO) office in Honiara is working together with the MHMS to address this health threat.