CBSI Condemns Appalling Vandalism of Public Property

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is appalled by the recent destruction of the Bank of
South Pacific (BSP) automatic-teller machines (ATM) in Honiara over the weekend.
The damage caused to the BSP ATM machines were unnecessary and uncalled for given that there are
only a limited number of such expensive and sophisticated machines serving the majority of the
Honiara population.
“This attitude is totally appalling and unacceptable and does not reflect appreciation for the work that
BSP is doing in ensuring people have access to financial services and products offered by them.”
CBSI condemns this act of vandalism and calls on any individual or groups to help identify those
involved, by coming forward to report and provide formal statements to responsible authorities.
CBSI calls on all Honiara residents to respect these machines and for the general public to continue
working with commercial banks to improve services in the country.


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