Cheap internet opens new tourism opportunities


THE speed and drop in prices of the internet has provided more opportunities for Solomon Islanders in the tourism and accommodation sector.

Airbnb, is amongst some online platforms that is providing revenue for ordinary Solomon Islanders.

Oligao Niniu, the communication and public relations officer within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism says it is useful for small accommodation providers because now they can market their services at a much cheaper rate.

Ender Naomi Rence, Director of Imperial Travel Service says “whilst the demand for our services has drastically declined in the past years due to the internet, our service is still important for coordination and effective facilitation of incoming tourists to their respective destination”.

She raises the issue of tax and how such a platform is taking away revenue from government.

 “This is something worth looking into by the responsible authorities,” Rence said.

This article was produced from the “Economics of Tourism” training for journalists in Honiara funded by the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) in partnership with Strongim Bisnis


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