Church Leaders, Chiefs and Police visits Auki Correctional Centre

The Malaita Province Church leaders, Chiefs and Supervising Malaita Provincial Police Commander William Foufaka has recently visited Auki Correctional Centre (ACC) for a day visit and consultation.

The purpose of the visit was to build relationship with community elders, chiefs, church leaders, and other government stake holders. In preparation for working together with CSSI for effective re-integration of our inmates back in to their communities. And crime prevention awareness program that will be jointly carried out by Auki CSSI and Auki Police Officers in communities in and around Auki, Malaita Province.

Speaking during the visitation, Supervising ACC Commandant Lawrence Meke says, on behalf of the office of the Commissioner and the Management of Auki Correctional Centre, I would like to convey our sincere thanks for your coming and is a sign of respect, humility and working togetherness that always rendered to our people.

“The Correctional Service of Solomon Islands (CSSI) and RSIPF core mission is to enforce law and order and to enhance the safety of the community by providing secure humane containment through facilitating the crime prevention in our communities, rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners”.

 Meke says, “I hereby informing and remind you of what we are going to do in your communities and in our beloved Malaita Province. In our communities today we experience increase of criminal activities which risk the business houses that leads to poor economy and pave the way to endanger the lives of the public, marginalise and vulnerable group in danger”.

He adds, as you return to your communities, do inform our people about the visitation and also inform them about our assistance in terms of community awareness programs. The team will consist of CSSI and RSIPF officers focusing, on life in prison awareness, crime prevention and yellow ribbon. We hope and believe that we can make a difference in our communities as we put our approaches, ideas and plans together to progress the future of our province and nation, Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi acknowledge the initiative by ACC Commandant in collaboration with church leaders, chiefs and PPC Malaita Province.

“Nail the heart of the core issues in our community by educating our community leaders focusing our partnership and relationship to link it through – education, connect, engage and empower that is the key strategies. Linking the relationship with key stakeholders together, will change the heart and behaviour of our people that is how rehabilitation and reintegration strategies link into the crime prevention strategy”, says Manelusi.