City Clerk’s action an act of sabotage says Dora

Former City Councillor Henry Star Dora has called on Honiara City Mayor and the Chairman for Finance to immediately halt the directive of the City Clerk to issue a stop notice to locally owned registered ONE LINK PACIFICA.

The City Clerk directive and action is irresponsible and inconsistent with the Business License Ordinance and its regulations, which requires and stipulated that all business operating within the City are required to obtain a business License from the Council, that is the authority and it is the supreme mandate, Star Dora explained.

To direct a refusal to obtain an appropriate business license from the council is inappropriate and is an insult to the ordinance itself and deemed to be seen as an ACT OF SABOTAGE denying the firm of its right to operate and exist and significantly the many clients rights to invest and to receive their financial rewards of their investment.

As far as I am concerned and have heard that many school children, young people disable people and families have benefited from the Model of Business employed by One Link Pacifica. It’s a  home grown initiative and supported by many of our very rural middle class working population who are still struggling to make end meet.

So may I ask the City Clerk “Is One Link Pacifica not contributing to the wellbeing of individuals and families within Honiara and the country? Unless you may be living in the outer worlds or in the Galaxy then you might not know what is happening in the City. So why are you so concerned about someone or a firm who is doing good and contributing tangibly to the communities and people.

There are many illegal and illicit activities happening in the city which are threatening the happiness of our families, such as the illegal casino, illegal night clubs, illegal sale of beers and Kwaso and maruana, these illegal activities are occurring and happening right in front of your eyes and nose but you’re doing absolutely nothing to address these very issues.  These are the very issues we the residents of Honiara City are more concern about   not One Link Pacifica.


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