Community solidarity on antisocial behavior

The community of State Ridge at East Kolaridge, have been working hard to achieve their vision of a safe, and peaceful community.
The community have come together in a series of meetings, to make sure that families within the small community, enjoy peace of mind, and safe surroundings.
State Ridge covers residences along the public road between landmarks starting at the 01 Bus stop, and the Telekom tower ontop of Naha Ridge. It also covers residences on both sides of the road starting from the junction at 02 Bus stop going down to Kukum. For now, the Chair of the group confirms that the boundary of their community policing efforts, will stop at houses around the Kings Taxi Base.
Chair of the group Mr Julian Houkura outlines the intention for its formation
“The group was formed around a vision that we here at State Ridge would have a safe, peaceful and enjoyable environment where our people and our guests would move around freely without disturbance”
“Our values are common decency and respect at all times for one another”
The vice chair of the group is Mr Francis Elo, who also says this.
“As a group we agreed that we should focus firstly on addressing antisocial and illegal behavior like kwaso production and consumption, selling and using of marijuana.”
“We also agreed as a community that we do not accept swearing, physical aggression, and loud noise whether it is caused by residents, or by visitors.”
The group endorsed its Rules outlining its Vision, its Mission, and Values on 11th July 2020. These guidelines outline broadly, how its representatives or the executive committee will be chosen, how often this committee should meet, and also how it would come up with activities for its residents.
Lawrencia Terry, a mother and also the group’s assistant secretary is quietly excited. She said the activities would be to develop positive social engagement.
“We are looking forward to working to help our mothers, our young people our girls and boys to develop life-skills, get more information on health topics. And next weekend we are having the Police come and do a talk for us.”
Some of the rules that the group endorsed included no kwaso use, no marijuana use, no disturbances that will cause fear and general nuisance.
Since that meeting, the RSIPF Community Policing department has come and visited the community. On Saturday 18th July, there was a large gathering to hear from the Community Policing officers. The Chair ends by saying this.
“We ask if outsiders can please cooperate with us in observing our new rules as they are for the good of our children, our young ones, and our families.”
“And for our residents, please come and enjoy the activities we put on this will build our community spirit and our little girls and boys will feel safe.”