Consultations on TGB conducted in Guadalcanal

A series of consultations on the Traditional Governance and Customs Facilitation Bill 2018, have been held so far – the latest with Guadalcanal MPAs, Chiefs, Youths and Women.

The consultations were facilitated by the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGPEA) in partnership with the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and family Affairs; and funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, under the Inclusive Governance of Natural Resources (IGNR) Project.

Guadalcanal consultations commenced on Tuesday this week with Members of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly, Chiefs on Tuesday, Youths today and Women tomorrow.

The various groupings during the consultations contribute views and recommendations.

The Traditional Governance and Customs Facilitation Bill 2018 was withdrawn in 2018, following recommendation from the Parliamentary Committee that wider consultation with provincial governments and other stakeholders was necessary.

The Solomon Islands government (both previous and current) have made it a priority to pass the Traditional Governance Bill which provides for the institutionalization, management and regulation of traditional governance systems.

Indigenous Solomon Islanders since the immemorial have always lived under their own systems of governance within their own customary jurisdictions. In the early days, these systems facilitated the unification and collaboration between different groups existing within the country.

Speaking at the official opening  with the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly, Premier Francis Sade expressed gratitude to the MTGPEA for consulting the provincial assembly leaders on the Bill. Premier Sade stressed the importance of the Bill saying it touches the lives of his people.

The consultations were supported by UNDP and UN Women through the IGNR project funded by the UN Peace Building Fund (PBF).