COVID-19 Corrections awareness team visits Lata Centre

The Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) COVID 19 Health Awareness Team has conducted health awareness and training for staff, inmates and families at Lata Correctional Centre (LCC) in Temotu Province from 21-28 July 2020.

The CSSI COVID 19 Health Awareness Team comprises of CSSI Medical Officers, Dietetics & Nutrition Officer, Dietetics Counselling Officer and Programs & Rehabilitation Officers to which they successfully accomplish their health awareness and training at Lata Corrections.

CSSI Nurse Manager Mr Hansford Afia said, as part of the ongoing COVID 19 planning and preparedness, my team are rolling out to all Centre’s with the purpose to conduct COVID 19 awareness for staff, inmates and families, conduct PPEs training for staff, basic hand watching techniques, disinfection solution training, health screening   to new admission/reception, conduct nutrition awareness, distribution of PPEs, centre wide inspection, thermo scan training, strengthen partnership with Provincial Health Authority and  the Provincial Government.

“As officers of a disciplined organisation, we must take the lead in following what the health authorities are telling us to prevent COVID 19 pandemic. But more importantly if CSSI officers or members of their families get the virus then officers will not be able to maintain their essential roles during any outbreak, therefore we have our duty to ensure that our inmates, officers, families and our country are safe and have the required informations to keep us update and always abide to health instructions from relevant authorities”, says Afia.

Meanwhile CSSI Commissioner Mr Gabriel Manelusi do acknowledge the CSSI COVID19 Health Awareness Team for their commitment and support towards COVID 19 preparedness and awareness.

“Despite challenges the organisation faced during this global pandemic, CSSI strives to meet its mandated obligations with limited resources, otherwise I applaud and register my executive support and mutual partnership in the fight against COVID 19”, says Manelusi.