COVID-19 Preparedness Continues In Light of Response

Despite in COVID-19 response phase and mode, the Ministry of health and Medical Services (MHMS) through its National Health Emergency Operation Centre (NHEOC) continues with building and strengthening existing capacities and capabilities of current and potential COVID-19 frontline workers and support staff in other government ministries and agencies to discharge their duties safely in light of COVID-19.
This week, health’s National Infection, Prevention and Control (NIPC) conducted a series of IPC and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) trainings for immigration officers, NDMO quarantine station’s newly recruited security guards and seventh (7th) static deployment for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Quarantine Security Guards undergoing practical sessions on donning and doffing of PPEs
MHMS Permanent Secretary Mrs Pauline McNeil highlighted that continuation of IPC and PPE trainings to boost readiness and enhance knowledge and skills on safety measures when discharging duties in response to COVID-19 is one of the major components in the COVID-19 health preparedness plan 2020.
“As such we are pleased as the lead ministry to continue providing these trainings to our colleagues from other ministries and agencies that are supporting current efforts against COVID-19”, stated Mr McNeil.
She explained that there is so much still unknown about this virus and that since this pandemic is evolving, training also needs to keep up with new information and scientific evidence that comes to hand. “Hence the necessity to undertake and conduct ongoing training internally at ministerial level and externally with other ministry, partners and stakeholders”.

COVID-19 Preparedness Continues In Light of Response
Rolly Viga MHMS’s National Infection, Prevention and Control Officer presenting COVID-19 preventative measures to immigration officers as part of the IPC/PPE training.

She further added that preparing a good number of our potential frontline and support staff is also essential so they can be engaged in such events as community transmission where surge in staff is needed.
The ministry of Health in 2020 had conducted close to 70 IPC and PPE trainings for over 800 COVID-19 frontline workers and support staff from health and other government ministries, agencies including health partners.
This year MHMS will continue with the trainings to those who have not yet received the trainings and more refresher trainings for those already trained last year”.
The IPC and PPE trainings involves basic concept of infection control, isolation precautions, application of standard and transmission based precautions and practical sessions on hand hygiene and donning and doffing of PPEs.


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