COVID-19 rapid test training and decontamination of work places rolled out this week

With resumption of many offices and business operations in Honiara, concerns around the spread of the virus at work places also mounts. The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) have this week trained around 50 officers at least 2 from each organization, across various sectors as part of keeping work places and work force free from COVID for the purpose of business continuity. 

The training comprises of how to conduct COVID-19 rapid test, type of advice to provide for both positive and negative cases and reporting results to the National Health Emergency Operation Centre. 

Following the training a practical session on actually swabbing and conducting rapid COVID-19 test, provision of advice and reporting was carried out by the trainees under the supervision of health staff. 

These officers are expected to return to work with COVID-19 rapid test kits to be provided by the Ministry of Health and commence testing of their work colleagues. 

As part of current efforts to keep work place and workforce free from the virus, the Ministry of Health decontamination teams including those of Honiara City Council and Guadalcanal Provincial health teams have also conducted decontamination of work places.

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Part of the health decontamination team carrying out work at Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation.

This will ensure a sterile environment at work place for workers to safely return to work. 

Over 30 buildings decontaminated to date and includes government ministry buildings and vehicles, quarantine stations, hotels, etc. and work on this will continue over the weekend and throughout next week. 

Should offices and businesses require decontamination including swab and test training for COVID-19, they can call the National Health Emergency Operation Centre on phone 115 or 25256 for scheduling of date and time for decontamination and training of their selected staff for COVID test. 



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