Covid cases up with 3 more deaths

This brings the death toll to 5 and the number of positive cases up by 104 from the 652 cases recorded since Tuesday this week.

Health and Medical Services Minister, Dr Culwick Togamana announced the latest figures in his situation report today.

Of these cases 755 cases, detailed information on 651 cases were release with one third presented with symptoms mostly consisting of cough, fever, sore throat and runny nose.

Among the reported cases 47 percent are females and 53 percent are males. 11 percent are less than or equal to 18 years and 22 percent are among people 45 years and above.

Dr Togamana said there is likely to be more cases but health authorities have not been able to test further samples as 2 senior lab staff are infected with COVID 19 and the other is in Malaita now to set up the lab at Kiluufi hospital.

“We are currently working with skeleton staff at the hospital laboratory and relying increasingly on rapid COVID tests,” Dr Togamana said.

A total of 81 patients are currently admitted with 43 new admissions at the NRH and 2 at the Central Field Hospital. 5 patients are under critical conditions with 3 at the Central Field Hospital and 2 at the NRH.

More updates are expected from health authorities tomorrow.

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