Cr Ngati queries Solomon Power Social Obligation

Councillor for Vura Ward Reginald Ngati has applauded the CEO of Solomon Power for coming out with the progressive plans to be implemented in the next few years.

However Ngati said most things mentioned are improvement of current activities and services but there are no plans on the improvement for development approaches in the City.

“I want to question the social obligation of Solomon Power, in particular the street lights within the City and also the surrounding communities in the wards,” he said.

“For instance other SOEs like the Ports Authority have given back to the communities in the form supporting sports competitions, churches, schools and even putting up street lights here in Honiara,” he added.

Ngati said according to report from the public accounts committee chairman during the last term of Parliament, it was stated that all the SOEs made big interest in millions.

“This has brought to my attention on what are the plans the CEO of Solomon Power has in terms of the development, and to be specific the street lights in the wards.”

“Residents are the biggest contributors to these SOEs like Solomon Power and it would be great if the CEO can explain if there is any plan as I’ve mentioned to be implemented,” Ngati added.

Ngati said following a survey conducted by his team, Solomon Power have informed them that street lights are non economical.

He said he wants the Government to consider such answers from one of it’s SOE.

“If the objective of such SOE is to provide services to the people and country, I believe such social services should be strategically implemented in the City,” he added.

Ngati further said that Honiara should be a model with all the major businesses, Ministries and SOEs operating in the City.

“Everyone should be working together cooperatively in paving the way forward.”

He added that most SOEs bare the National name (Solomon) and their operations, policies and services should be of national interest to be materialized with proper strategies in place for the people in Honiara and the Provinces.