BY Simon Fuo’o

SINU Journalist Student.

A week long Senior Manager’s Strategic Planning Conference of Correctional Services of Solomon Islands (CSSI) was successfully ended over the weekend.

The official closing of the CSSI senior manager’s strategic planning conference was held at the RSIPF conference room, Rove in Honiara.

The theme of the conference this year was ‘Fesim Future, Tugeda Fesim challenge’ and aims at the following;

  • Safe, secure and humane environment 
  • Improve opportunities for rehabilitation and re integration  
  • Safety, health and wellbeing in the work place
  • Accountable and better public health services, innovative and sustainable cost effective services.

Among the participants who are participated at the official closing were the Minister for Ministry of Police National Security and Correctional Services (MPNS&CS), Hon. Anthony Veke (Guest of honour), Permanent Secretary MPNS&CS, CSSI Commissioner’s, Directors, Commandants, Ranks and Files.

In his key note address, during the official closing, Hon Veke said that, despite of challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic the CSSI and its stake holders have managed to get the conference a successful one.

He said that, the covid-19 pandemic has forced CSSI to make significant changes to their operations and administration functions in line with the government priority areas to fight against the covid -19.

‘‘As you have experience in your areas of work, the pandemic has forced us to make significant adjustments in our operations and administrative functions in line with the governments priorities to join together in the fight against covid-19. 

This is particularly so in respect of the need to develop plans, procedures and processes that are still being undertaken as we speak ’’, said Hon Veke.

He further added that necessary steps to implement immediate measures for preparedness and response against the pandemic should be some of the key outcomes from the senior manager’s conference.

‘‘My senior managers, despite of all these challenges, I am sure you have taken measures to ensure that we are still progressing with our mandated duties while also taking additional responsibilities to mitigate those risk”, says Hon Veke.

In his closing remarks, Hon Veke encourage senior managers with famous quote by Jack Welch, before you were a leader, success is about growing yourself.

‘‘When you become a leader, success is about growing others,’’ said Hon Veke. 

During the official closing of the senior managers strategic planning conference on Friday, in his response to the conference summary, CSSI commissioner Mr Gabriel Manelusi said that he acknowledge the high constructive debates from his commandants and directors during a week conference.

‘‘I wish to report and inform you my observation to my senior manager’s conference to acknowledge my commandants and directors for the high constructive debates of discussion. 

And a word they always say no excuse long covid-19 and money, there are stakeholders who will help us out’’, said Mr Manelusi.

He also said that he was glad with the recommendations presentations done by his senior managers that refocuses the CSSI priorities following the theme ‘Fesim Future, Tugeda Fesim Challenge’ during the conference.

‘‘I am so please to received and noted recommendations presentations by my senior managers to refocus our priorities following theme facing future together facing challenges, this recommendation or plan is as good as what will be implemented on the ground,’’ said Mr Manelusi

In his closing remarks, Mr Manelusi acknowledge the Australian government in relation to funding and in joint support financing this senior manager’s conference a successful one.

‘‘I wish to acknowledge ongoing donor support from the Australian government in relation to funding and in joint support financing this 14th senior manager’s conference, without your support this conference will not happen’’, said Mr Manelusi.    

The official closing brings together CSSI commandants, directors, ranks, files and stakeholders to present and response to the conference summary.

Important discussions of the conference summary are based on CSSI strategic work plan 2020-2022, CSSI business work plan 2020-2022 and CSSI’s standard operating procedures for covid-19 within correctional centres.