CSSI 2020 Gender Audit Team Facilitators Workshop Complete

The Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) has recently completed a three days’ workshop on ‘Gender Audit Team Facilitators’ held from 28 – 30 October 2020, at the RSIPF Headquarter, Rove in Honiara.

The workshop draws in staff from Provincial Correctional Centres and Correctional headquarter functional units.

The theme of this workshop is;Strengthening and Advancing Gender Equality & Social Inclusion Practices within CSSI”. 

Speaking during the closing of the three day’s workshop, CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi said, gender audit is a tool to assess and check the institutionalisation of gender equality into the organisations, including policies, programmes, projects and/or provision of services, structures, proceedings and budgets.

He adds, the issue of women’s empowerment and gender is a top agendas across the world, as gender inequality is wide spread in all cultures. It is a challenge on how we can respect individual rights to grow our country and human resources in terms of changes, economic growth, social development, good governance, human rights protection, environmental protection to balance the level of shared responsibilities in all sectors.

Commissioner Manelusi said, the gender and women’s empowerment get to the heart of one of the guiding principles of the World Bank and UNDP, to leave no one behind. Unless we open opportunities for and secure the rights of women and girls, we will stand no chance of ‘leaving no one behind’ on economic growth, social development and environmental protection. 

Manelusi encourage CSSI senior women and subordinates to build trust among themselves so that we are model to our own community and the nation. You must have an open mindset of adapting change and each of us has a critical role to play in ensuring that gender equality is part of all our development efforts. 

He reiterate to participants that we are all keepers of the law and guided by the principles of democracy, we can meet those new threats that demand even greater effort – even greater cooperation and understanding among ourselves. For we know that our diverse custom is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians. We are shaped by every language and culture, that all Solomon Islands citizen must play its role in leading in a new era of peace. 

“The CSSI Mission, Vision and values need us in this workshop so that you engage and teach our CSSI staff or families, children and youth to be the promoter of gender equality to our family, tribes, organisation, community, churches, provinces and nation as a whole”, says Manelusi.

Commissioner Manelusi acknowledge the professional and commitment of following; the CSSI Gender Committee, RSIPF Executive, Australian Government, Workshop Facilitators and Correction staff in making this workshop a successful.This three days program give each of us additional strength in our capacity of skills, knowledge and the way forward to further prevent social issues within our working environment, family/community setting. 

“Our commitment to build together the future of CSSI and our country Solomon Islands rest on our shoulders.It’s a partnership not just with nations, but with people and ourselves, internal and external for decades to come.  Bound by the values we share, guided by the vision we seek, I am absolutely confident we can advance the security, rehabilitation, reintegration and the prosperity and the dignity of people across the diversity country Solomon Islands through this gender workshop”, says Manelusi.

The workshop was funded by the Australian High Commission office through Solomon Islands Justice Program and we highly acknowledge your support in making this program fruitful. This program is a foundation to begin and to build strong family, strong organization, strong church, strong economy, strong communities, strong provinces and strong nations SIs. We are in a 21st century not in 18 and 19 centuries, the current behavior of our own staff or our children and the environment, infrastructure, economy and technology is one of the challenges that loss our identity and cultural values that we need to put right in this sort of program”, says CSSI Gender Officer Senior Sergeant Catherine Nalakia.