CSSI commends SICA and SIFGA

By CSSI Media

The Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) has commends the Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA) and Solomon Islands Full Gospel Association (SIFGA) for their timely donations of more than 450 Bibles for CSSI Inmates at the Correctional Service Headquarter, Rove

CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi do acknowledge the SICA and SIFGA for their provisions during this COVID 19 campaign and preparedness. 

CSSI recognises the need to establish active church partnerships and relationships between inmates and communities in order to give each inmates the best chance of successfully reintegrating back into the community.  

“This supports the best practice for the rehabilitation, and to provide them (inmates) with opportunities to assist in their rehabilitation and to equip them with knowledge and skills to re-enter the society as productive and positively contribute to nation building”.

“I reiterate the importance of COVID-19 preparedness and we have our duty to ensure that our inmates, officers and our country are safe and have the required informations to keep us update and given this Bibles will strengthen our inmate’s spiritual lives and connections to God”, says Manelusi.

“The condition of our hearts, the openness of our attitudes, the quality of our competence, the fidelity of our experience, these give vitality to the work experience and meaning to life, so we thank God for gracing us and bless Solomon Islands as a COVID free nation”, says Manelusi

Commissioner Manelusi on behalf of his executives, commandants, directors, ranks and files of CSSI do optimistically acknowledge the timely donation by SICA and SIFGA during this COVID19 pandemic.