CSSI conducts awareness on corona virus for its officers

The Correctional Service Solomon Islands has begun awareness talks about the corona virus to its own officers and members of their families as the country continues to prevent the virus from entering the country.
As of 23 March to 01 April 2020 officers of the CSSI Programs & Industry Unit (PIU) at the Correctional Headquarter, Rove Corrections Medical Officers in collaborations with MHMS has recently conducted awareness talks at the Correctional Headquarter and Rove Central Correctional Centre for Inmates.
“The awareness talks for both officers and Inmates, mainly focused on the importance of personal hygiene practises and the associated risks of the current pandemic –COVID 19 as well as preparations should there be an outbreak of the virus in the country,” says Inspector Jimmy Aega , Supervising Director Programs and Industry Unit.
Inspector Aega adds: “The PIU emphasised to the officers and inmates the good hygienic practises that will ensure the virus does not spread including stopping the practice of sharing or chewing of betel nut and smoking at the work place and in the homes.

He emphasises: “As officers of a disciplined organisation, we must take the lead in following what the Health authorities are telling us to prevent the corona virus affecting our people. But more importantly if CSSI officers or members of their families get the virus then officers will not be able to maintain their essential roles during any outbreak of the decease.”
During the awareness talks, officers of the PIU and RCCC Medical Staff also distributed pamphlets and posters on the risk and ways to prevent the corona virus.
The CSSI Awareness Team will continue conduct awareness talks on how to prevent the virus from spreading within the CSSI.
Solomon Islands is yet to record a positive corona virus case.
Meanwhile CSSI Commissioner Mr Gabriel Manelusi reiterate the importance of COVID-19 preparedness and we have our duty to ensure that our inmates, officers and our country are safe and have the required informations to keep us update and always abide to health instructions from relevant authorities.
He acknowledge and thanks the PIU Team, Rove Corrections Medical Officers, MHMS Officers, Ranks and Files for their commitment and support towards COVID-19 preparedness.