CSSI COVID-19 Team visit Gizo Corrections

The Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) Planning Team has recently visited Gizo Correctional Centre (GCC), in the Western Province.

The CSSI COVID 19 Team was led by Deputy Commissioner Operations (DCO) Mr Michael Nagu and staff from Strategic Planning & Policy Unit, CSSI COVID 19 Operation Team Leader and CSSI Medical Staff.

The visit was strategically to oversee the GCC COVID 19 Preparedness & Planning, Review and Update of GCC SOP, GCC COVID 19 Pathway, Screening Setup & Installation of Sanitizers, Review of PPE Trainings, and IPC Trainings includes Disinfection and Waste Management, Mock Exercises, Courtesy visit to Provincial Key stakeholders and meet with GCC Staff and Inmates.

Hand wash training

Speaking during the visit DCO Nagu says, CSSI is optimistically strive to its combat strategies and preparedness, as we know the environment we are custodian of a very risky and vulnerable to outbreak, public disorder and hostile situations if no proper planning and preparedness and therefore, my team are tirelessly working in all necessary aspects of planning and preparedness for safe and secure custody and leave no rooms for COVID 19 to enter our Centres.

He adds, as part of the ongoing COVID 19 planning and preparedness the CSSI Medical Staff are on the ground conducting training and awareness to strengthen and equip our staff capability and combat focuses. This is very crucial, as we understand the threat level in the Western border of our country is very high and recently the Government includes Shortland, Choiseul and Malaita Outer Islands in the current State of Public Emergency.

Nagu reinforce to GCC Staff that it is very important to factor your mandated responsibility and have respect to each other as we progress together during this time of COVID 19. The Government and people of Solomon Islands are expecting us to execute and demonstrate professionalism in your tour of duties and I urge you not to give up, stand firm and continue to maintain your great work.

Meanwhile CSSI Commissioner Mr Gabriel Manelusi do acknowledge the CSSI COVID19 Planning Team for their command and control in overseeing the CSSI COVID 19 Operations, Health awareness & Training Programme and the progression of Correctional Centre’s COVID 19 SOPs. ‘Job well done’.

“Despite challenges the organisation faced during this current state of public emergency, CSSI strives to meet its mandated obligations with limited resources , otherwise I applaud and register my sincere thanks to the National and Provincial Government, Non-Government Organisation, Health Authorities, CSSI Key stakeholders, Communities and Churches for the support and mutual partnership in the fight against COVID 19”, says Manelusi.