CSSI Deputy Operations visit Lata Corrections

The Deputy Commissioner Operations of Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) Mr Michael Nagu made an official visit to Lata Correctional Centre (LCC) Temotu province, recently.

He spent eight days from 30th June – 7th July 2020 in Lata, and this visit was strategically to oversee the centre functions, officers, inmates and provincial key stakeholder as well as to update his office progress and focus.

Speaking during the official visit Deputy Operations Nagu do acknowledge the LCC Commandant and staff for mounting a guard of honour parade and good adaptation to discipline procedures and putting into good practices that leads to high level of professionalism and expectation of the Commissioner’s office, which he described as a job well-done.

“I appreciate your commitment in developing your COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to guide and protect our staff, inmates and our community as a whole”.

Deputy Commissioner Nagu highlight the CSSI commitment to ensure priority of the Government are implemented in terms of infrastructure, staff capacity development and COVID-19 strategies and combat focuses.

Nagu reinforce to officers of their mandated roles as custodial officers and the public expectations. “I encourage you to be professional at all times. As officers we are accountable to the Almighty God and people of Solomon Islands therefore we must honour our roles and responsibilities. Be at work when you are expected to and do the right thing”.
“It is very important to factor your responsibility and have respect to each other as we progress together. The Government and people of Solomon Islands are expecting us to display and demonstrate professionalism to our carrier path”, says Nagu.

He adds the Commissioner’s office will continue to provide support as we journey through the remaining months of the year, keep up the good work.

Meanwhile, the Supervising Commandant of Lata Correctional Centre Mr Kent Wauka thank the Deputy Commissioner Operations and his Executive Officer for the timely visit.

He said his staff are looking forward to working togetherness with the Commissioner’s office and pledges their prodigious support.

A courtesy visit was also conducted to Temotu Provincial Government, Provincial Police Commander, Lata Medical Staffs, Principal Magistrate and Diocesan Bishop of Temotu during this official visit.