CSSI held stakeholders meeting and workshop for Rehabilitation Providers

The Programs & Industry Department of Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) on 21 February 2020, conducted a day meeting and workshop for Prisoners Program Providers at the Correctional Service Headquarter, Rove.

More than 25 Prisoners Program Providers from different organisations including Mothers Union ACOM, Youth With a Mission, Solomon Islands Prison Fellowship, Literacy Association of Solomon Islands, Eagles Fellowship, and other Providers attending this important consultation.

Programs and Industry Advisor David Shenman says, the Providers were given an overview of how CSSI now implements Evidence Based Practice in its approach to prisoner rehabilitation under its Rehabilitation Frame work.

“The Providers has gone through the process of how CSSI can assesses new prisoners to find their rehabilitation needs and their risk of reoffending, then how they target the approach to an individual’s rehabilitation. It was explained how programs delivered to prisoners must now be validated and show clear outcomes for the prisoners”.

Supervising Director Programs & Industry Abel Vane says, the CSSI approach in giving prisoners programs in Faith, Education, Vocational and Life Skills doesn’t change but the emphasis now was in delivering programs that target offending behaviour like violence, drugs, alcohol and sex offending were a priority, as this was needed to end reoffending.

“Providers also learned that the CSSI focus on rehabilitation would now include a larger component on the reintegration of prisoners back to their families and communities, and CSSI will work in collaboration with Churches and Community Groups to help with reintegration”, says Vane.

Meanwhile CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi acknowledge and thank the Prisoners Program Providers for their support and contribution to the development and planning of the prisoner’s personal developments and life skills.

“To the extent that it is reasonably practicable to all prisoners to be given opportunities to develop personal and employment skills to assist their effective rehabilitation and reintegration into the community”.

“CSSI will continue strive to achieve its obligations despite challenges faced and will continue to improve, strengthen and implement positive changes as we progress the future of this organization and our Nation Solomon Islands”, says Manelusi.

The prisoners programs for 2020 in Rove Central Correctional Centre kick off Monday 24 February 2020.


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