CSSI senior managers benefit from TWI Programme

The Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) Senior Managers has benefited from a week long ‘Training within Industry’ (TWI), lectured by Senior Trainer from Results Training & Consultancy, South Pacific Mr Glyn Joshua and Trainer Mr Daniel Gideon Hunikira at the CSSI Academy in Honiara from 08– 11 June 2020.

The TWI is a Professional Development Programme for Executive Managers and Supervisors regardless of the nature of business and is highly sought after many organisations overseas and in Solomon Islands, as it produces results.

The programme has three modules, Job Instructions, Job Relations and Job Methods which are relevant to assist Executive Managers and Supervisors to achieve results for the organisations.

Speaking during the closing of the TWI Module one, Job Instructions Module for CSSI Senior Managers, TWI Senior Trainer Glyn Joshua do acknowledge and thank the CSSI Commissioner and his Executives for accepting and supporting this programme in CSSI.

“He adds, Job Instruction module is designed to develop basic stability of your processes (standard work). This program teaches the method to instruct an operator how to perform a job correctly, safely and conscientiously. The benefits experienced when practicing the Job Instruction program are reduced training time, less scrap and rework, fewer accidents, increased job satisfaction and service delivery to the people”.

“I encourage Senior Directors of CSSI to use this tools as ‘training begins when the programme ends’, we said that trainings we did throughout the week but ‘no’ trainings start today as the programs ends and we need to be patriotic in Solomon Islands as our nation” says Joshua.

Commissioner Manelusi do appreciate and thank TWI Senior Trainer Joshua and Trainer Daniel for their commitment and service provide to CSSI and also very impress to his Senior Managers for their attendance and participation to his programme.

“The TWI programme is very timely for CSSI as we combat the challenges of the 21st century and given this programme will furnish my officers knowledge and skills that leave no rooms for inaccuracy and everyone will speak the unchanged linguistic”, says Manelusi.

The programme been rolled in CSSI since May 2020 and this is the third group of ten participants respectively from Headquarter and Rove Corrections Senior staff. However, Commandants and Middle Managers across all Correctional Centres within the Country will also partake this programme.