CSSI senior officer suspended over alleged traitorous act

A senior officer (Chief Superintendent) in the Correctional Service of Solomon Islands (CSSI) has been suspended from duty over allegations he had influenced the current suspended and serving officers to incite traitorous act against the leadership of the Commissioner and his executive.

[sociallocker id=”1343″]CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi issued the letter of suspension to the senior officer on Friday 03 January, 2020.

Mr Manelusi in a statement issued by the CSSI Media Unit said the decision was made after a full investigation was conducted by Professional Standard Unit (PSU) into the Senior Officer alleged involvement of influencing the current interdiction (suspended) and serving officers of CSSI to incite traitorous act against his leadership and his executive.

He said such attitude will build a mistrust and disunity within CSSI organisation and also undermine the integrity and good reputation of CSSI leadership.

“The incident occurred on the third and fourth quarter of 2019 until to date.

“Such conduct is a totally breach of CSSI Act and Regulation and can be liable for dismissal or termination accordingly,” Mr Manelusi said. Mr Manelusi encourages his good serving officers or suspended (interdicted) officers to refrain from such behaviour since CSSI have an ACT and Regulation, Rules and protocol to safe guard officer’s action. [/sociallocker]


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