Youths in Dala Village of West Kwaraae on Malaita Province are currently engaged in a Kava project Coordinated by Malaita Youth Caucus and Malaita Youth in Business Association in partnership with Sol Organic Kava Ltd. About 70 young farmers, both boys and girls started involving in the project last month. Some of them had already planted few Kava stalks last year, however, the current project has increased the production to 3000-4000 Kava stalks. They are currently planting in three different locations and farms.
Dala Youths Kava Project Leader, Moses Bauri said,
“The youths are excited to have such opportunity from Malaita Youth Caucus in particular the free supply of kava stalks. The project help them to start their own farms which is a good starter for them, they welcome the opportunity to work with the Malaita Youth Programme and they are looking forward to work together with the Malaita Youth Caucus and stakeholders to continue on with the project”
Dala community is one of the few targeted communities that start the Malaita Province Youth Kava Project. The Project will expand to every ward in Malaita Province; already there is green light from the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) Government through the Provincial Youth Desk to support the Project.

Provincial Youth Coordinator Frank Samori said that a budget has already been submitted to the MARA Government. It will support the coordination and organization of trainings, logistic support and so forth. Trainings and supplying of Kava Stalks will commence in the following wards; Ward 4 (West Kwaraae), Ward 7 (North Malaita), Ward 27 (West Kwaio) and Ward 22 (South Malaita) on April and continue to other Wards after.
Chairman of Malaita Youth Caucus Phillip Subu welcomes MARA Government’s interest to support the project.
“The MARA Government is an important stakeholder in this project, especially for the sustainability of the project and well-coordination of the Project; hence a Roadmap/Framework should be in place to properly guide the project and to ensure the smooth running of the project” Said Subu.
Phillip Subu also thanked the Director of Sol Organic Kava Ltd Wale Tobata for their generous support and big heart in supplying free kava stalks towards the Project.
The project aligns with the Malaita Provincial MARA Government “RESTORATIVE Economy Vision”, let alone utilizing the majority of Malaita Province Population; Youths to become productive, self-reliant, fully engaged, achieve their full potential and create a better future.