DBSI office soon to open its doors

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA)’s policy to re-establish the Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI) is coming to fulfilment.

This is apparent with the setting up of the office space selected for its Head Office at the renovated Anthony Saru Building in Point Cruz.

Vacancies was advertised to the public last year and the recruitment process is currently ongoing for suitable officers who will work as staff for the bank.

The intention to revive the Bank resurfaced during the reign of the previous Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) in 2014 in response to public demand for access to finances to support business development for Solomon Islanders.

The aim of the Bank is to facilitate the economic and social development of Solomon Islands within the overall development plans and strategies of the Government, with particular emphasis on the participation of Solomon Islanders in economic development as well as stimulating industrial activities that may strengthen the economic independence of Solomon Islands.

The tentative schedule for the official opening of the bank is April 2020.

The DCGA is committed to the delivery of ongoing and prospective policy priorities in the interests of peace, national stability and economic advancement.


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