DCGA denies backing of Malaita MPAs

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement, DCGA, has categorically denied and condemned media report claiming the national government is backing up certain Malaita Members of Provincial Assembly, MPAs for the planned motion of no confidence on the Malaita Premier.

The media had reported this week that the national government used sacked MPAs from the MARA executive to carry out the wish of the national government to bring Premier Suidani down.

However, the Deputy Prime Minister Honourable Manasseh Maelanga said the claim on media is misleading and false.

Maelanga clarified that it is not the wish nor the interest of the National government to use sacked MPAs from the MARA executive for any motion of no confidence on Premier Suidani.

He explained the issue is an internal matter within the Malaita Provincial Government and it is not in any interest of the Government MPs nor the National Government to interfere.

“Whatever Malaita Provincial Government does, it’s for Malaita Province, and the National Government and any Government MP has no interest and business to interfere in their politics or any issue for any political reason,” said Mr Maelanga.

Meanwhile Maelanga urged the Malaita Province Political leaders and the media not to speculate on such misleading and false claims.

“I would also like the media to be more professional and ethical in their reporting. The recent trend of media reporting is a disgrace to the media standards and ethics.

“The right to freedom of expression has been hijacked and abused to a point where the public no longer relies on the media for accurate information.

“It is time that a law to regulate the profession is introduced so that our public is not being fed with lies by people who have their own selfish agenda to advance while making money when doing it,” Maelanga said.