The Sogavare led DCGA continues to rely on bully tactics and working outside the law when it attacks Malaita Province and it leaders.

Malaita Provincial Government made this statement following the latest round of attacks from Sogavare’s DCGA.

Early this week, the DCGA used the PS of Provincial Government, to recall the PS of Malaita Province, Fred Fa’abasua, to return to Honiara. This was done despite there being no basis for “recall” in the contract of PS Fa’abasua and no clear reason given for the order of “recall”. Mass public protest in Auki yesterday was held in support of PS Fa’abasua.

It has been subsequently revealed from sources within the Government that the Asian logging industry was behind this call by the DCGA. This call was made because of the effectiveness of PS Fa’abasua in stopping illegal logging operations exporting logs to China.

MARA said DCGA is showing a pattern of making threats outside of the law.

This was most recent last week when the Sogavare government claimed that Premier Suidani announcement of a referendum on Malaita independence was “illegal”.

In its statement, MARA Government made it clear that there is no legal basis for any such referendum to be called “illegal”. This is because the intended referendum is simply to facilitate getting opinions of Malaitans, who are Solomon Islands citizens on a political question that has been around for the last 40 plus years. That political question is “whether Malaitans want independence or a federal system or some form of political autonomy”.“Such expressions of opinion are clearly protected by the Solomon Islands Constitution. For the PMO and DCGA Malaitan MPs to call this illegal is unbelievable.

It looks like Sogavare’s Government is hell-bent on ignoring the Constitution and also law. It is important that the public realises all these moves are outside of the law.”

DCGA seized Malaita’s COVID PPE without the law.DCGA threatened to dissolve Malaita Provincial Government outside the law.Now DCGA made a unilateral decision to recall the PS of Malaita outside the law.Even DCGA tried to prosecute Mr Boso and failed under the law.

It is clear that DCGA does not use the law, or even believe in the law. But only uses the law as a smokescreen to promote its selfish and self-interest political agenda.

“When government ignores the law, we are moving into the area of dictatorship. Solomon Islands is slipping into the direction of the one-party system of China as we have been warning all along”.