DCGA recognizes need for improvement of economic well-being says PM

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) recognizes the need for the improvement of economic well-being particularly targeting women, youth and the rural population.

That’s according to the Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare, MP when he launched the “EziPei” eWallet service at the Heritage Park Hotel, yesterday.

“This initiative will greatly improve and transform our financial services in the country.”

Speaking in relation to the occasion, the Prime Minister stated, “it is about our country taking control of our own destiny and making life easy for our people in accessing finance.”

He stated that Solomon Islands has been affected by the misfortune of distance through vast geographical disperse.

“Our people are marginalized by the long distance and rough weather that makes travel very difficult and at times risky.

These contribute to our economic and social challenges that we encounter every day,” he stated.

He acknowledged that it is through recognition of the mentioned challenges that the government paved the way for a digital transformation of our society to improve financial service delivery and raise the standard of living.

He acknowledged the DCGA recognition of the EZI PEI as a way to create financial opportunities and access on an unprecedented scale.

“It reduces the burden and the risk of holding physical cash and making spending easier without the need of having hard cash.

It also offers more security for customers, even if you lose your device, you will still access your e-wallet once you get a new one. You do not have that luxury with hard cash.”

“This is a huge leap forward, one which will address an enormous challenge we face today in achieving our financial inclusion goals,” he reiterated.

Prime Minister Sogavare also convey the Government’s continuous support to Solomon Post and “every other organizations that aspire to invest in such initiatives where the lives of our people are positively impacted.”


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