Dialogue to better communicate government’s work

Last week the Government initiated a media dialogue involving senior government officials and local media managers in the media industry.

The aim of the dialogue was to create an enabling environment to find the best way for the media and the Government to work together in providing news to the public proactively and efficiently.

The Deputy Press Secretary to Prime Minister Douglas Marau reportedly took the opportunity to brief the media managers on the Government’s plan and strategy to boost the government communications sector.

Opportunity was also given to the media managers to share their views.

I welcome the dialogue having taken place for I have often felt there has been a deficit of information on some of the positive aspects of the government’s work and the reason why I took it upon myself to create a wider viewpoint of “good news” stories that I publish on my website and specifically created for the purpose some 6 years ago.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short



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