Digital technology for health services and hospitals without walls

Solomon Islands, since the coronovirus pandemic has had to adjust to digital technology for communications, both internally and externally and I have been impressed by the way the government has adapted so readily and capably.

 It may seem far-fetched today for me to suggest that the government to adapt and use digital technology for health services and what I refer to as hospitals without walls, but there is no doubt in my mind that the future of healthcare lies in the provision of digital healthcare services.

I have been reflecting these last few days on policies I introduced way back in 1997 which were largely spurned by many critics and short-sighted opponents at the time, but were actual sound and in practice in the RSIPF today.

 In the same vein, I foresee the need for digital health care in the future, perhaps aided by one or more of the governments existing diplomatic partners with knowledge and practical expertise in better health care provisioning.

In the so called West, the results of a recent survey of nearly 10,000 patients in London found that in general they want more, not less, digital healthcare. Though it certainly doesn’t suit everyone, but in future people will have more choice in how they access healthcare.

The shape of healthcare is being reconsidered everywhere and that has major implications for the way hospitals will look in future.

Things cannot, and will not happen any time soon in the Solomon Islands, but the government has already grasped digital technology to communicate and it would be my hope to, ultimately, witness digital healthcare reach all in the Solomon Islands.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short


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