Dionysus Ensemble trio in Honiara to begin instrument training

The three professional musicians of Dionysus Ensemble arrived in Honiara this week and were met on arrival at Henderson International Airport by Rose Mauga and some ten members of the Solomon Islands Piano Association (PASI).

While in Honiara for the next two weeks, the young musicians will be given daily instrument training and music education, leading to a couple of public concerts when the PASI students will play alongside their professional visitors.

The visit to Honiara has been planned for more than 12 months in the United Kingdom where the Dionysus Ensemble raised sponsorship and donations to facilitate the trip and the assigned project.

Solomon Airlines and the British High Commission have also contributed with air passages to and from Brisbane and with local accommodation.

It is my hope that the project will contribute greatly to the PASI members and generally advance the cause of music education locally.

The Dionysus Ensemble is involved in projects spreading music education throughout Commonwealth countries that have very little access to formal and expert training.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short



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