Environmental Health team continues to monitor Quarantine Stations

Environmental Health team continues their monitoring role and liaise with the Camp Management team to ensure services rendered in the government-managed Quarantine Stations (QS’s) are compliant to Health recommended standard level.
National Disaster Council in its latest situational report highlighted the important role which Environmental Health Division of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) have been conducting on the QS’s.
“They are primarily to monitor, report on, and enhance health and environmental compliance such as WASH-water, sanitation and hygiene.
“Waste Management, and Food Safety, cleanliness, decontamination, laundry services, vector prevention and control at the Quarantine Stations,” the report stated.
The report also mentioned ongoing training for the food handlers.
Environmental Health team provided instructions, training and liaise with the Camp Management team, the QS owners and various service providers to address issues of non-compliance.
An assessment conducted also shows that all stations were found to be 80% – 100% compliant: having met all the health recommended requirement to accommodate persons for quarantining purposes.
“There are 11 QS’s being managed by the government apart from designated Diplomatic Resident sites in Honiara and the one down at Gizo Hotel for Western Province.
“Work to heighten the identified stations for western border communities at Nusatupe, Noro and Taro station is expected for completion next month implemented by Community Access and Urban Services Enhancement (CAUSE),” the NDC statement adds.
Currently, all QS’s have been vacated after the 30 remaining repatriated nationals (inclusive of 4 exempted foreigners) have been medically certified to graduate and released to reunite with their families this week