Families stay in fear after an adult male person threaten them with replica firearm over the weekend

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) have arrested an adult male person who allegedly threatened families at the Harmock beach in North West Guadalcanal with a locally made replica firearm over the weekend.

The arrest was made after a male adult pulled out a replica firearm from a black RAV4 vehicle and threatened families residing along the road heading to the Harmock beach.

More than ten people were also arrested by the police at the Rove Police Headquarter in relation to the same incident. The adult male person involved in the threatening violence is yet to be charged but investigation continues.

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It is alleged that the adult man is disappointed after police have arrested his son for careless driving at the road heading down to the beach, which he believes communities call the police for the arrest of his son.

Commissioner of RSIPF Mr Mostyn Mangau said the incident is not a welcoming story as we enter the festive season. As a Christian country, we must prepare our homes for the birth of our saviour. Such action is not reflective of us as a Christian loving country.

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Commissioner Mangau said I appeal to the good people of Solomon Islands to stop doing such action. This action really poses a threat to our families and as well those who own the beaches in North West Guadalcanal.

Respect those beach owners and we must understand that these are their source of income to support their families. Such incidents will give fear to the beach goers who source income to the beach owners and place where our people can have time out with families for relaxation during the festive period, said Commissioner Mangau.

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I assure the beach goers who spend time with families that the situation is handled by police and those who are involved will face justice for their own actions, says Mr Mangau. 


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